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Interior Styling

Every project needs that little flair of style and magic at the end to make it complete, and that’s what this step is all about. Interior Styling is all about space’s visual aspects, and its purpose is to beautify a space. From art selection and installation and soft furnishings, styling, and procurement to choosing the right accessories and elements to complement the space at Room to Room Decor, we do it all. One should never underestimate the power of an aesthetically-pleasing home.

Decor Selection is an essential aspect as the decor pieces can make or break a space; therefore, our team works hard to choose just the right items for your abode. It is when our teams make our client’s design inspo vision boards come to life. Room to Room Decor team shops and sources for the best quality pieces that are required to make your space happen. Our team recommends the best colours, patterns, and fabrics for curtains, rugs, cushions, bedding, and pillows according to the design flow along with the selection of textures.

Lighting is a vital part of the process, and our team works hard towards creating an attractive yet functional lighting scheme. We also make sure that all the styles are up to date and in sync with the current trends. We take care of the selection and procurement of furniture layout and light and design procurement. From tiles to textiles and lightings to replacing existing pieces for more suitable ones, our team brings the space together in one cohesive design.

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