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Interior Consultation

Consultation is the very first step in every delicate process. Our team aspires to educate the clients about interior design and the value the team brings with them. We aim at giving our customers a beforehand view of the project. We carefully listen to the clients’ vision during our consulting sessions and establish an idea of what works for them in each space and how it fits with their lifestyle.

Our team presents the best ideas that suit the clients’ interests while addressing the problem areas and clearing any doubts they might have. It includes laying out all the ideas on the table and then letting our team work their magic to form them into a blueprint. Even though this task may be unbelievably daunting initially, we trust the process and give our clients a smooth and comfortable experience. We work hard to help the clients visualize the project’s layout through various resources that resemble a space tour.

This way, the clients can get a good idea of what they want and how the project will look once it’s finished. Interior Consultation is, hands down, the most exciting part of the process as you finally get to see your imagination come alive. Room to room decor provides the clients with both General Interior Consultation and Detailed Interior Concept Design, including space planning, colour selection, and budget analysis; we aim to give you the best possible product at the competitive pricing.

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