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Interior Designing

Interior Designing is the art of transforming an empty room into a client’s heaven, and that is exactly what we aspire to do. This step includes designing every single aspect of your space while giving full attention to every little detail. Our team always makes sure that we clear all of our client’s design dilemmas with our expertise and share practical tips and must-haves while keeping in mind the scope of work.

We always pay attention to selecting just the right colour palette according to our client’s wishes and ideas, from subtle, modest colours to bright, popping ones; our team of experts can make any colour scheme work. After all, it’s the colour that lights up a room. From establishing the flow of design and the mood of every space to creating marvellous but functional designs to provide our clients with the best of both worlds – comfort, and style, our team does it all. Interior Designing is genuinely a multi-faceted process that is very important in inventing or re-inventing a space.

The Room to room decor team is entirely aware of and follows all building codes and inspection regulations, and universal accessibility standards. Our interior designing process includes 2D, 3D and CAD drawings, window treatments, complete project design, and coordination along with complete fit-outs. From ceilings to windows, our team makes sure that all the designs are both visually impressive and structurally working. We choose the most elegant architectural elements, layout, and window coverings, etc.

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