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About Room to Room Decor

Indeed quoted by Juan Montoya, ” A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy” a beautiful house is a house, but a beautifully designed house is a home.

We, at Room to Room Decor, work towards providing our customers with their dream homes.

Room to Room Decor is a passion fueled interior service where we create spacious homes that boast luxury, style, and splendour. For us, every home is more than just a project, and we strive to make the finest abodes for our clients.

It is a bespoke consultation where we tailor our interior design services to meet your individual needs. Whether you are thinking of refreshing a single room or rethinking your entire home or commercial space, we can help you create a look you will love with our best and highly professional manufacturers and vendors. We offer a practical, hands-on approach, and we work towards establishing a professional relationship between our client and the designer where they can work together closely.

Room to Room Decor prides itself on providing each client with something different that will look great for many years. Our skilled designers can produce contemporary modern or traditional interiors perfectly matched to each client’s taste.

Whether you need help in planning a full renovation, redecorating a room, finding a perfect window treatment, or just choosing a paint colour, the Room to Room Decor team is here to help with our unique, friendly services.

To ensure that every client gets the house of their fantasies, Room to Room Decor carefully works through a five-step process:

How we work

Proven Process for the best result.



Room to Room Decor highly believes that every place should reflect the person living in it. Therefore, we start the process with a thorough meeting between the designer and the client. It is so that our team can learn about your space and ideas. We encourage our clients to share their thoughts and ideas with us.



The next step is to form a strategic plan about the entire project, where we go through each detail carefully based on the meeting to ensure that the final product is nothing short of sheer perfection.



Whoever said that visualization is the key to achieving a goal was correct. To help our clients get vivid mental imagery, our designers work hard to create 2D and 3D designs that give them a true-to-life experience of how their space will look.



Room to room decor provides our clients with a list of the industry's finest, most professional manufacturers if they wish to choose them on their own.



Once the designs are finalized, and our clients are delighted with and ecstatic about them, only then do we start the implementation of the plan to create exceptional homes.

We strive towards providing our customers with stunning, intricately designed interiors
that will leave every watching eye completely awe-struck.


Suhana Seth Alhuwalia

Suhana Seth Alhuwalia is a master of arts, a woman solely responsible for bringing Room to Room Decor and various projects to life. She is a strong-willed, hard-working women entrepreneur. She has managed to establish her name in the industry while juggling the duties of being an excellent mother to her daughter with the constant support of her husband, Manpreet Ahluwalia.

She is an outstanding woman with a knack of leaving things better than she found them. She has taken over 28 projects under her wing while providing clients with gorgeous homes & commercial spaces.

Suhana Seth Ahluwalia

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